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A Team That Understands The Needs Of Gifted Children

We recruit and hire teachers who are certified professionals and who have special training, experience, or advanced degrees in gifted education. Our faculty members are active in both regional and national organizations for gifted education.

In order to meet the needs of gifted students, the faculty and staff must understand the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted children. Professional development and training are key elements in the successful fulfillment of the school's mission. Teachers understand the purpose and importance of using innovative, targeted approaches with learners. They are easily able to discuss and advocate for the varied learning needs of gifted students. These educators are firmly committed and dedicated to the school's philosophy and have a finely tuned understanding of the needs of gifted students.

"As educators, we believe that your children come to school with an ability to construct their own knowledge.  We believe that they are filled with questions and theories about the way the world works and are motivated to test and build upon those theories. We are keenly aware of each child's potential and of his or her right to learn in an encouraging, safe environment, among the company of peers, and under the guidance of professional, caring adults. Our belief in empowering children shapes the guiding principle of our curriculum: knowledge is created through active inquiry."

- Ricks Faculty & Staff

15 Average years of teaching experience

65% hold or are pursuing master's or doctoral degrees

25%+ licensed as teachers of gifted education

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  • Craig Harrer, Director

    Director of Ricks Center
    B.S. Business Administration and Marketing, University of Northern Colorado
    M.A. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Colorado at Denver

    Admin license from the University of Denver, Ritchie Program for School Leaders
    EdD, University of Denver (in progress )

    Craig is a lifelong innovator, teacher, coach and champion for change in the field of education. He specializes in creative solutions that exist "outside the box." Craig's passion is the implementation of shared leadership structures that create socially just, equitable and sustainable school teams. He is a student focused and community driven leader. A Denver native, Craig's visionary approach helped develop and run the Denver Green School, an innovation school in Colorado for over 6 years. As a consultant he has collaborated with Denver Public Schools to create new school leadership competencies and implement growth and guidance systems. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in the Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program at the University of Denver. Craig has served in many roles throughout the education sector, including working as a paraprofessional, technology and special education teacher, assistant principal, principal, lead partner and leadership consultant in his over 25 years of educational service.

  • Amy Biro, Restorative Process Coach

    B.S. Political Science & Journalism, Ohio Wesleyan University; M.Ed. Teaching and Learning, DePaul University
    Professional Teacher Certification –Elementary Education K-6, Social Studies 7-12, Special Education Generalist 5-21
    Gifted and Talented Specialist 5-21,
    2015 Social Emotional Scholarship award winner RAK
    Leadership Academy Cohort 2016: University of Denver.
    Conflict Center Restorative Justice Cohort 2019
    Restorative Justice Education: Creating a Culture of Care Cohort 2021-present 


    This is Amy's 8th year at Ricks. She has been in education since 1996 when she started her career teaching 3rd grade in Chicago Public Schools. It is here where her love for learning and a passion for understanding the developmental and social emotional needs of children began. Amy believes in fostering the voices of children, academically and socially. The constructing of ideas and exploring the generalizations of young children drive her integrated learning approach. Weaving skill and creativity into self-expression, content area topics, and community building. Amy has taught from kindergarten to high school. She has had additional teaching opportunities in, New Haven, CT, and Veracruz, Mexico before returning to Denver in 2008 where she was born and raised and feeling at home! After school she spends time walking her two little dogs, singing in an adult rock choir, doing yoga, and laughing with her husband, family and friends.

  • Ana Candelaria, School Psychologist

    School Psychologist
    PhD. Child, Family and School Psychology University of Denver


    Ana has spent her entire career working with children, teens, and young adults in various educational roles. She started as a coach for sports camps, then became an early childhood educator, including four years at the Fisher Early Learning Center on the DU campus. After teaching at Fisher and finishing her school psychology training, she began her career as a school psychologist in Denver Public Schools and worked in elementary and middle schools throughout the Denver area for eight years. During her time in DPS, she became incredibly passionate about restorative justice approaches, cultural responsiveness, and helping schools to establish strong home-school connections. After several years in DPS, Ana returned to teaching; this time at the graduate level, training future school psychologists as a clinical assistant professor in the Child, Family, and School Psychology program in the Morgridge College of Education at DU for two years. Ana will be starting her fourth year at Ricks and is excited to continue her work at our wonderful school! Originally from California, Ana has made Colorado her home; in her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and daughter, reading, and watching sporting events.

  • Tia Gamelin, Occupational Therapist

    Occupational Therapist

    Tia has over 25 years of experience working as a pediatric occupational therapist in the United States and abroad. She has specialized skills and is trained in Sensory Integration and Praxis Testing (SIPT), Sensory Oral Sequential (SOS) Feeding Approach, she is a Level 3 Kinesiotaping practitioner, Therapeutic Listening Certified, Astronaut Training certified, Handwriting Without Tears, and is a certified PaddleFit Coach for stand up paddle boarding. Previously, Tia has worked in the pediatric inpatient and outpatient settings, early intervention, home health, public school system and private clinic. She has managed a pediatric splinting, serial casting and pediatric burn management clinic, has been the therapy program director for an outdoor therapy camp and has worked in both center-based schools and integrated schools in the United States and Germany. In her free time, Tia enjoys spending time in nature with her four children and her husband, Jay.

  • Bernadette Howell, Associate Director of Operations


    Bernadette Howell brings over 20 years of clerical/administrative experience and knowledge as well as nearly 10 years in a school setting. Her journey through life has taken her everywhere from a bookkeeper trainer to a CFO to working in schools. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience including her devotion to superior customer service and an appetite to always learn! Her most rewarding journey has been the one she started with her husband, Joe, 23 years ago. They have been blessed with two children. When she is at home, she enjoys cooking and hanging out with her four fur babies!

  • Amy Jacobs, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

    Assistant Director of Enrollment Management
    B.A. Psychology, University of Colorado
    M.S.W. Social Work, University of Denver


    Amy was born and raised in Colorado and has been in education for nearly 25 years. She joined the Ricks Center as the Assistant Director of Enrollment Management in the fall of 2013. Her experience includes outreach in both formal and informal educational settings. Amy started as a school social worker in the Cherry Creek School District. She then spent 13 years at the JCC as the Director of Camp and Youth Services. In addition to program supervision, she was responsible for outreach and for the recruitment of all program participants. She also served as the Visitor Services Manager at the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL) where she oversaw the educational outreach for all school and group visits. Outside of work, Amy enjoys spending time with her family and her giant schnoodle, ski, workout, cook, and watch anything sports related.

  • Peggy Jurgs, Reading Specialist

    Reading Specialist

    Prior to coming to Ricks, Peggy spent a long and successful career with Denver Public Schools. She spent the earlier part of her career as a first grade bilingual teacher where she delivered instructional content in Spanish while her students acquired English. Peggy then became an Instructional Coach enhancing teachers' knowledge and performance in the areas of English Language Acquisition and Elementary Literacy strategies in Reading and Writing. Peggy has a strong passion for reading and helping students become strategic readers through a balanced literacy approach. She is trained in Reading Recovery, F.A.S.T. and Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes; all are approaches to helping students refine their ability to decode the printed word. Peggy is also knowledgeable with Readers and Writers Workshop model, which places emphases on students' comprehension abilities. When not working with students, Peggy can be found walking the local golf courses, reading debut novels and spending time with her family.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Associate Director of Lower School

    Early Childhood Program Director
    B.A. Psychology, University of Denver
    M.A. Early Childhood Special Education, University of Colorado at Denver


    Jessica has worked in early childhood education for over 15 years. She has taught and worked with all age groups from infants to school-age children. This year marks her sixth school year at Ricks, and she previously was a Master Teacher at Fisher Early Learning Center on the University of Denver campus. Jessica enjoys working with young children and their families as they begin their school journeys. She enjoys going on adventures with her family, reading, biking, and playing board games in her free time.

  • Suzanne Pollard, Pedagogical Coach in Gifted Learning

    Pedagogical Coach in Gifted Learning
    B.A. Art and Communication, University of Colorado
    M.A. Human Development w/ Emphasis on Early Childhood Development, Pacific Oaks College
    Gifted Education Endorsement


    Suzanne has been teaching for over 25 years. Her experiences have focused primarily on teaching preschool, kindergarten, and first grade in various private and public schools in Denve and Los Angeles. Suzanne has specialized in early childhood gifted education. She studied abroad at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center, delving into the pedagogy of the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Suzanne is originally from Hawaii, has two grown children, and loves reading, exploring, crafting and walking her two dogs. This will be her fifteenth year with the Ricks Center.

  • Korben Schrock, IT

    B.S. Elementary Education, Indiana/Purdue University of Ft. Wayne

    Korben was born and raised in a small rural community in Indiana. He joined the Marine Corps Reserves right out of high school and received his B.S. in Elementary Education in 2004. He taught briefly in Indiana, but decided to shift careers shortly after. In 2010 his wife and he decided to move to Denver so he could learn how to build and repair guitars at Red Rocks Community College. He repaired and built guitars professionally for nine years before deciding to change to a more technology focused career. Korben loves to play guitar, hike, golf, and entertain their dog, Birdie the Border Collie in his free time! 

  • Maggie Wright, Extended Day Coordinator and Summer Learning Director

    B.A in special education, University of Northern Colorado

    Maggie has spent her entire career working with youth. From Girl Scouts to Denver Public Schools, she has worked and built programs that engage students' inner passions. Maggie has been the Extended Day and Summer Programs Manager at Ricks since August 2017. She came to Ricks from Denver Public Schools' Department of Extended Learning, where she spent five years developing inclusive inquiry-based programming. As the Summer Programs Manager, Maggie and her team of graduate students from DU have created inquiry-based programming that challenges students to find and explore their passions in the world around them. She loves making jewelry, playing with her five cats, and watching the Colorado Avalanche with her family in her free time.

  • Heather Vaughn, Associate Director of Upper School

    B.A. Elementary Education, University of Mississippi 
    M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction and Gifted Education, University of Mississippi 
    Ed.S. Educational Psychology, University of Georgia 

    Originally from the Memphis area, Heather is from a family of avid football and Elvis fans. With most of her career dedicated to curriculum development and teacher training, Heather has served as a district administrator, a district specialist, an educator in the classroom, and a college professor. She has been recognized by the National Association for Gifted Children and the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented for her contributions in creating and championing exemplary services for gifted students. Heather is zealous about education advocacy, cultivating community, and inspiring agency in all learners. Outside of Ricks, she enjoys getting lost outdoors, being immersed in the arts, taking frequent trips to the library, and watching football. 

  • Emily Guthrie Strong, School Counselor

    School Counselor
    B.A. English, University of Kansas
    M.Ed. Secondary English (6th – 12th), DePaul University
    M.A. Counseling Psychology, University of Colorado
    Ed.D. University of Northern Colorado (in progress)

    Helping kids and teens grow into their authentic selves has been the focus of Emily’s career as a teacher and therapist. She believes it is critical to give students every resource and opportunity to expand their social-emotional skills, nurture meaningful relationships, have resilience in the face of adversity, and create fulfilling, balanced and wholehearted lives. Emily began her career as a high school English teacher before becoming a child, adolescent, and family therapist. She has worked in community mental health as well as private practice. A passionate, life-long learner, she is currently pursuing her doctorate. Her research interests include mental health in schools, social-emotional learning, equity and access, and the theory of belonging. Emily’s greatest joy is her family. She treasures spending time with her husband and two sons. In addition, she loves animals and shares her home with two dogs, Jimmy and Arlo, and a parakeet named George.

  • Duncan Dotterrer, Innovation and Instruction Specialist

    Innovation Specialist

    Duncan is a talented educator with a passion for developing enriching experiences for his students. He has worked with gifted learners for over seven years. He holds two Master’s degrees in education and is a certified linguistically diverse educator. Over the past four years, he has created and developed The STEAM Lab, a successful gifted education program at Stevens Elementary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Through project-based learning activities he has helped gifted students with diverse backgrounds find their voice. Projects have included designing satellites and submarines, coding using FIRST Lego and FTW Robotics mini drones, transforming the classroom into an art gallery, a newspaper and an architecture studio to name a few.

    Duncan is a father of two, ages three and six. He enjoys learning about the world anew with his family and spending time outdoors playing tennis, biking, playing the drums and swimming


  • Kristy Horsting, Instructional Gifted Coach

    B.S. Elementary Education, Illinois State University 2010
    M.S. Psychology in Education focused on Spirituality, Mind & Body, Columbia University 2021

    Kristy came to Denver via the scenic route - she taught elementary school in her hometown of Chicago, moved to New York City for a M.S. in Psychology in Education while working as a staff developer at Teachers College, Columbia University, and spent the last two years as a literacy specialist in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kristy loves reading over cups of tea, full body laughter, and savoring moments of awe. When she isn’t reading she is usually hiking or biking with her silly hound dogs.

  • Amy Schamberg, School Psychologist

    Amy Schamberg
    Education Specialist in School Psychology, University of Colorado Denver
    Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
    Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

    Amy’s school psychology career began in 2010 in the Cherry Creek School District. She has worked at both the elementary and high school levels. Amy has vast experience working with diverse learners and providing school mental health support for a wide range of social, emotional, and cognitive needs. She is passionate about whole-person wellness and takes a holistic, strengths-based approach to supporting student well-being. In addition to her role as a school psychologist, Amy also provides mental health coaching and trainings through her private practice. Amy loves hot yoga, live music, and going on adventures with her husband and two young boys.  

Meet Our Part-Time and Substitute Teachers

  • Ekta Ghosh

    Masters in Education, B.Ed, India 
    Curriculum and Instruction, MCE
    University of Denver


    Ekta grew up in India in a joint family consisting of her parents and grandparents. She moved to Colorado in 2019 to pursue a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in children with special needs. Being a cosmopolitan woman, devoted to the celebration of diversity and multiculturalism, Ekta keenly looks forward being part of a cohort style of environment. This inspires her in doing research in the field of growing complexities in the education system and the increasing demands of social equity. She is interested in conducting research on evidence-based early intervention strategies considered effective for children with disabilities. Ekta has worked in many research-based projects focused on behavior and reading interventions and created lesson plans for K-12 grades. Her ambition is to contribute in an original manner to this field, which she feels will be facilitated through the teaching endeavor in this prestigious institution.

  • Laura Marturano

    B.S. Communication and Elementary Education, University ofColorado at Boulder 2005
    M.S. Information Learning Technologies K-12

    Laura has three kids in kindergarten, first and fifth grades. She and her family are Colorado natives and love everything it has to offer. She enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, tennis and spending time with friends and family. Professionally Laura taught in the Cherry Creek district for 10 years and is excited to join the Ricks community. She holds a Master's Degree in Information Learning Technologies with an emphasis in K-12 from CU Denver, a post Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from MSU-Denver and a Bachelor's degree in Communications from CU Boulder. Laura loves teaching and is looking forward to a wonderful year. 

  • Cassie Perlmutter

    Cassie has been a gifted educator for over three decades in Denver. She adores and admires all ages and levels of students. In her opinion, every child is magnificent! She is excited to be part of the Rick’s community as she believes that Ricks is "a jewel in our midst.” When she isn’t teaching, you can find Cassie playing doubles with friends at Wash Park or tending to her garden. She and her husband, local architect Joe Levi, have three grown sons and a spoiled miniature golden-doodle.

  • Penny Bortner

    Born in Philadelphia, Penny visited Colorado at age 15 and fell in love with it. She decided she would live here one day and moved to Denver to finish her B.S. in Journalism. She also holds a B.A. in English and a Masters degree in Education. For 28 years, she taught middle school English and worked with diverse learners and took pride in her strong relationships with students, staff, and families. Penny is passionate about the long-term progress of her students and relentlessly encourages them to be engaged readers who can think for themselves. When she is not teaching, Penny enjoys boxing, her dogs, and cooking.

The Considine Excellence in Teaching Award

Established in 2001 through a $1 million endowment gift, The Considine Excellence in Teaching Award is given to a teacher at Ricks who has shown exceptional performance, a commitment to Ricks Center, both in the past and future, who has demonstrated a "how to think, not what to think" philosophy with students by engaging students in intellectual pursuits and who has demonstrated a capacity to learn and implement new knowledge. Considine awards have been used to gather and implement units related to Egypt, South America, and Alaska, as well as to develop the atelier model in Early Childhood.


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