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Ricks Center for Gifted Children is fully funded by tuition and generous donations from families, foundations, and friends of the school. Monetary gifts support student learning through purchasing curricular materials, funding field trips and other classroom activities, and supporting the financial aid fund.

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"Gifted children need a different kind of support...Here they get that. Parents also get that same kind of support and education.... and it really has become, to us, a community."

Anne, Ricks Center parent

Annual Campaign

Providing for the future is the responsibility of all of us. Each year Ricks staff and families commit to making a difference in the lives of gifted young students. These young people come from a wide variety of social and economic backgrounds. The future of many of these young students is dependent upon what can be provided for them now. All staff, and families are encouraged to donate whatever they can to the annual campaign each year. Monies from this campaign are directed to a specifically named purpose, such as technology, the arts, the endowment, or to other areas as needed.

Family Assistance Fund

Help families within our Ricks community struggling to meet their financial responsibilities at this time. One hundred percent of all the funding raised will go directly to the families in need, and the Ricks Administration will administer the fund making sure families who need it feel cared for and supported by our incredible community.


Outdoor Classroom Fund

Help us add more creative and interactive toys and equipment to our primary and middle school playgrounds. Activity kits, such as Blue Blocks, for each grade level to encourage more creative and interactive play at recess.


Ricks Community Traditions

Events including Grandparents and Special Persons Day, the annual New Parent Welcome event, the annual back to school Ricks Round up, and more create opportunities for families to get to know one another and build community. Support these key traditions so we can continue to offer them for all families.


Week Without Walls

Week Without Wall is a week-long program of experiences at various locations outside the classroom that we have traditionally offered to middle school students. This year, with your support, we hope to expand Week Without Walls programming to all students at Ricks! Additionally, since Week Without Walls often includes associated program and travel fees for families, we would like to offer additional financial aid for these expenses to families in need so that all children have an equal opportunity to participate.


Enhancement Fund

Annual tuition fees cover just a portion of the costs of running our high-quality and innovative program, so the time, expertise, and philanthropic support of our community is critical allowing us to continue to offer the unique experiences and programming that create a dynamic community of learners. Your philanthropic investments in Ricks are critical to allowing us to tap into students' interests in order to spark and fuel the fire in their minds.