Community Engagement

Community engagement is a hallmark of the Morgridge experience. Our mission is to be a force for positive change in the lives of individuals, organizations and communities. To accomplish this mission, we work to prepare the next generation of change-makers to lead lives of impact. Our commitment to an inclusive, united community is built into our holistic approach to learning. At the heart of this approach is our emphasis on research, service and practical opportunities. That emphasis is felt on campus within our seven centers, clinics and institutes, and across Denver and the Front Range with our partner organizations.

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Morgridge and Colorado

We’re proud to be an essential part of Denver and the Front Range’s educational community. Our students, faculty and researchers all take part in numerous types of service and learning that help promote positive change throughout the state.

Our research projects take on issues like rural school mental health solutions, substance abuse prevention and health equity in places like Southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley. On-campus school partnerships with the Fisher Early Learning Center and Ricks Center for Gifted Children allow our students to gain necessary real-world experience while providing an exemplary education to children in our community.

We also provide clinical mental health services through the Counseling and Educational Services Clinic, which offers affordable, community-based educational counseling, therapy and assessments to Denver-area residents.

Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve partnered with the CDC to help our rural neighbors implement regulations, examine decision-making in K–12 educational contexts and investigate the challenges families and educators face in the aftermath. We benefit enormously from our position within Denver’s vital, flourishing urban community, and endeavor to return that benefit whenever possible.


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