Cutforth, Nick, Ph.D.

Cutforth, Nick, Ph.D. : Department Chair and Professor

Department Chair and Professor

Department of Research Methods and Information Science and Research Methods and Statistics
303-871-2477, KRH 231

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Dr. Cutforth received his PhD from the University of Illinois-Chicago.  He has been conducting research with schools and community-based organizations for over 15 years. His research and teaching interests include school health and physical activity environments, qualitative research, physical activity and youth development, university/community partnerships, and community-based research.  His current research involves school-based intervention studies related to physical activity and healthy eating among K-12 students in the San Luis Valley in rural Colorado. His hobbies are running, biking, and swimming.


Dumas, Denis, Ph.D.

Dumas, Denis, Ph.D. : Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Department of Research Methods and Information Science
303-871-4710, KRH 233

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Dr. Dumas received his PhD in Educational Psychology and MA in Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation from the University of Maryland at College Park. Before coming to DU, he was Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at Howard University. In general, his research focuses on understanding student learning, cognition, and creativity through the application of latent variable methods, especially multidimensional item-response theory and non-linear growth models. He believes deeply in the power of quantitative research such as this for improving the field’s current understanding of learning, and supporting the academic development of all students. When not on campus, he can be found backcountry camping, downhill skiing, or practicing yoga. Please see more about Denis' teaching philosophy, research interests, and publications on his DU Portfolio page.


Green, Kathy, Ph.D.

Green, Kathy, Ph.D. :  Professor


Research Methods and Statistics
303-871-2490, KRH 233

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Dr. Green received her PhD from the University of Washington-Seattle.  She was named University of Denver United Methodist Teacher/Researcher of the Year in 1999 and honored with a Fulbright Scholarship to the Slovak Republic in 2002.  Dr. Green’s research interests are in applied measurement, specifically applications of the Rasch model, survey research, and teaching statistics.  She enjoys hiking and reading mysteries.


Thomas Pitts, Robyn, Ph.D.

Thomas Pitts, Robyn, Ph.D. : Assistant Professor of the Practice

Assistant Professor of the Practice

Department of Research Methods and Information Science
303-871-2549, KRH 249

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Dr. Thomas Pitts received her PhD from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She focuses on program evaluation in educational contexts, an interest that grew out of her prior experiences as a high school science teacher, instructional coach, and educational administrator. Her current research interests focus on issues of evaluation and assessment, specifically regarding the use of evaluative information for accountability and organizational learning purposes. She is also interested in teaching evaluation, systems thinking, and culturally responsive approaches to evaluation. Dr. Thomas Pitts enjoys yoga, biking, and skiing, as well as science fiction and fantasy literature.

Uhrmacher, Bruce, Ph.D.

Uhrmacher, Bruce, Ph.D. : Professor


Research Methods and Statistics, Curriculum and Instruction, and Teacher Education Program
303-871-2483, KRH 344

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Dr. Uhrmacher received his PhD from Stanford University.  He served as President of the American Association For Teaching and Curriculum and was honored with the University of Denver Distinguished Teaching Award.  Dr. Uhrmacher has served as the department chair of Educational Research, Policy, and Practice and as Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction. He was also the co-editor of the Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue and book review editor of the International Journal of Leadership in Education. Dr. Uhrmacher currently serves as the faculty advisor for the Creativity Institute for Teachers.  His research interests include arts-based research, qualitative research, alternative school settings, curriculum theory and practice, Waldorf education.  Dr. Uhrmacher is a St. Louis Cardinals fan. He recently started playing drums, and is a music aficionado of bluegrass, country, rock, jazz, and especially western swing music.


Zhang, Duan, Ph.D.

Zhang, Duan, Ph.D. : Associate Professor

Associate Professor

Fisher Early Learning Center/ Research Methods and Statistics
303-871-3373, KRH 232

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Dr. Zhang received her PhD from Texas A&M.  With her extensive experiences in both applied statistics and child development, Dr. Zhang has been actively involved in research studies funded at different levels in early development and children’s psychological well-beings. Being a big fan of adopting instructional technology in statistics education, Dr. Zhang has been working closely with DU’s Office of Teaching and Learning, and other statistics faculty across the campus.  Her research interests are focused on two areas: first methodological area in multilevel modeling using Structural Equation Modeling and Hierarchical Linear Modeling, and second substantive area in parenting practice and school readiness in early childhood.  Dr. Zhang enjoys cooking for family and friends, Alpine skiing, and hiking in the beautiful outdoors of Colorado.


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