Our Research Methods & Statistics (RMS) program is further enriched by distinguished practitioner/scholars who serve as faculty affiliates. They bring a wealth of field-based experiences and teach RMS classes that bridge the gulf between theory and practice in several areas of research, including K-12 education, public and private institutions, mental health, and program evaluation, among others.

Our Affiliates

Dr. Elizabeth Anderson received her PhD in Research Methods and Statistics from the University of Denver in 2017.  She currently works for K12.Inc as an Academic Analytics Researcher, performing duties as a statistician and educational researcher. She owns her own consulting firm where she consults on instructional design for online learning, use of data in education and business, and use of research in education and business.  She enjoys teaching research methods and statistics courses, especially in the hybrid and online formats, and converting courses to a hybrid or online format. Her scholarly interests are focused on the pragmatic use of research and statistics; most of her work is on decision making based on data, research and statistical results. She teaches the following courses: Educational Research and Measurement, Introduction to Statistics, and Correlation and Regression.  More information can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-anderson-46a6a33a/. Her contact information is Elizabeth.anderson169@du.edu

Dr. Christopher Nelson received his PhD in Quantitative Research Methods from the University of Denver in 2006. He is currently Lead Process Analyst at CenturyLink.  Previously, he was Senior Associate at Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Captain in the US Air Force.  His teaching and scholarly interests include statistics, data mining, multivariate statistics, and research methods. Currently he teaches Structural Foundation of Research in the Social Sciences.  His contact information is christopher.k.nelson@du.edu.

Dr. Antonio Olmos received his PhD in Psychology from the University of Denver in 1998. Currently he is Executive Director of the Aurora Research Institute (a program evaluation subsidiary of the Aurora Mental Health Center; the Aurora Research Institute offers program evaluation internships to RMS students). Previously he was Associate Professor in the Research Methods and Statistics Program and Director of Evaluation and Research at the Mental Health Center of Denver. His teaching and research interests include program evaluation and research methods that demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of program interventions. He teaches Meta-analysis and Propensity Score Analysis. More information can be found at http://portfolio.du.edu/antonio.olmos. His contact information is AntonioOlmos@aumhc.org.

Dr. Matt Ostberg received his PhD in Research Methods and Statistics from the University of Denver in 2013. Currently he is a Statistician for Oracle. Previously he was Technical Staff for Sun Microsystems and Manager of Financial Analysis at Qwest.  His teaching interests include statistics for education and business applications and his scholarly interests include the use of quantitative and qualitative data to influence business and portfolio analysis. He teaches the following courses: Introduction to Statistics, Correlation and Regression, Multivariate Analysis, Empirical Research Methods and Educational Measurement. More information can be found at http://portfolio.du.edu/Matt.Ostberg. His contact information is Matt.Ostberg@du.edu.

Dr. Adam Soberay received his PhD in Research Methods & Statistics from the University of Denver in 2015. Currently he is Research Associate at the Aurora Research Institute (a program evaluation subsidiary of the Aurora Mental Health Center). The Aurora Research Institute offers program evaluation internships to RMS students. Previously, he was Program Manager at the University of Denver’s Problem Gambling Treatment and Research Center. His teaching interests include quantitative research methods and statistics and his research and evaluation interest include mental health, integrated care, refugee wellness, and addiction. He teaches the following courses: Empirical Research Methods in the RMS Program and Program Development and Evaluation for the Child Family & School Psychology Program. More information can be found at www.arievaluation.org. His contact information is Adamsoberay@aumhc.org

Dr. Chris Wera received his PhD from the University of Denver in Research Methods and Statistics in 2014, and currently works at the University of Denver as Chair of the Research Committee at the Health and Counseling Center.  Holding an active Certified Public Accountant license, he is certified in both Managerial Accounting and Financial Management, and has served as a Financial Director, CFO, and Board Member for various non-profits over the past 25 years.  His research interests including developing ultra-brief screening scales in order to identify pre-crisis mental health issues in a primary medical care setting.  His academic interests are in applied measurement, scale development, and teaching Introduction to Statistics at the Morgridge College of Education and Managerial Accounting at the Daniels School of Business.  His contact information is cj.wera@du.edu.

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