Research Methods and Statistics Student Spotlight

Research Methods and Statistics Student Spotlight
Student Excellence

At the Morgridge College of Education (MCE) we expect a standard of excellence from our students, faculty, and staff. Our Research Methods and Statistics (RMS) students often exemplify this standard in their research and day-to-day lives. Our RMS students share their interest and provide advice for future students below.

Learning from the Best

RMS Student Showcase_4(Kranti Dugar)Kranti Dugar’s research interests are in consumer behavior, marketing scale development, mixed methods, branding strategy, services marketing, early childhood learning, and Rasch Analysis. Dugar hopes to obtain a teaching position in education, research methodology, marketing, and statistics at the university level. His moto through out graduate school was “Always remember the 4 P’s of grad school: Perseverance, Pragmatism, Proactivity, and Passion.”

RMS Student Showcase_1(sarah pollard)Sarah Pollard hopes to continue to learn and grow as she applies what she learns at school to work, and what she learns at work to school. Pollard advocates that graduates remember to always take it a day at a time and do what they can do, because that is all they can do. Doing so has made her graduate school experience much easier. Pollard chose DU “because DU has a positive feel, supportive staff, and incredible faculty.”

RMS Student Showcase_2(kawanna bright)Kawanna Bright’s research interests are in Diversity in Academic Libraries, assessment in academic libraries, instruction, and information literacy. Bright’s goal is to become a Faculty member in Library & Information Science or Research Methods. When asked how she survived graduate school Bright stated that you need to “Stay active, eat as healthily as possible, and try to get enough rest.  It helps to keep you balanced as you try to juggle school, work, and life!”

RMS Student Showcase_3(paul thompson)Paul Thompson’s Research interests included Students with disabilities and K-12 education. Thompson has relied heavily on his peers and other faculty during his time at DU and reminds future students that faculty and other students are always there for them. Thompson chose DU because “I felt the faculty would be more helpful than at a large public university. I wanted to be challenged.”

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