Social Justice in Action

At the Morgridge College of Education, social justice is at the core of our community, academics, and student life. Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion goes beyond theory. It is woven into the fabric of the College with a commitment to underserved populations in tangible, real-world ways. Whether it’s opening doors of opportunity, students blazing new trails of inclusive research, or faculty leading the nation-wide diversity conversation, Morgridge’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion makes an impact. Read on for examples of what inclusion in action looks like in our College.

Our Commitment to Stand Against Racism and Hate

The Morgridge College of Education stands against hate and racism. As a community of individuals committed to social justice we are dedicated to going beyond words to take action. Leaders across the College have worked collaboratively to continue existing efforts and to initiate new efforts to affect change within the College, the academy and the broader community.

Improving the Lives of Others

The goal of the Morgridge College of Education, simply put, is to improve the lives of others who have been marginalized because of race, ethnicity, culture, economic position, geography and ability. Increasingly complex societal issues such as the mental health crisis, educational achievement gaps and intergenerational poverty cannot be addressed effectively from one angle and call for new approaches to problem solving. Developing and scaling effective solutions to these challenges requires breaking down organizational and information silos in disciplines and systems and actively partnering with the people most affected by problems.

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