Davies, Joshua

Technology Specialist and Website Administrator

Operations & Technology
Technology Specialist and Website Administrator


303-871-6116, KRH 114

MLIS in Library an Information Sciences, University of Denver; BA in Cultural Anthropology, University of Colorado Boulder. Primary Responsibilities: Oversee Morgridge College of Education's website, acting as the point of contact and coordinating final website language with appropriate individuals, ensuring that website language is vetted before posting.  Provide strategic recommendations to keep the website viable and user friendly while also maintaining MCE marketing strategies.  Subject matter expert in website building and maintenance. Supervises and manages Tech team GA and Web Technology positions. Responsible for workstation computer purchasing, planning, inventory, and deployment. Subject matter expert on desktop support. Oversees software management, purchasing, and inventory. Responsible for administration of Active Directory, virtual machines and other network resources at the college. Identifies telepresence solutions and supports telepresence maintenance and events. Portfolio

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