Garner, Brette, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Teaching and Learning Sciences
Assistant Professor

303-871-3120, KRH 251

Dr. Garner’s research and scholarship focuses on mathematics teacher learning. As a middle-school math teacher in Houston, she learned the importance of supporting students’ conceptual understanding of mathematics. At the same time, she saw that there were few opportunities for teachers to learn how to shift their instruction toward more ambitious goals—especially in schools serving historically marginalized and disenfranchised communities. To address this problem, Dr. Garner attended grad school at The University of Texas at Austin and Vanderbilt University. Dr. Garner uses design-based research methodologies to develop partnerships with educators and support their learning goals. She uses qualitative methods, including discourse and interaction analysis, to study teachers’ learning opportunities. In her dissertation research, Dr. Garner analyzed the ways that teachers learn from assessment data in collaborative workgroup settings, particularly in light of the distortive effects of test-based accountability policies. In her current project, Dr. Garner is working with a research team to develop video feedback protocols to support secondary mathematics teacher learning.

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