Matusiak, Krystyna, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Library and Information Science
Associate Professor

303-871-6163, KRH 248

Dr. Matusiak received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Prior to the Morgridge College of Education, she worked as academic librarian for 12 years in public services and digitization.  Dr. Matusiak also served as a digitization consultant for projects funded by the Endangered Archive Programme at the British Library and assisted digital library projects at the Press Institute of Mongolia in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia and the Al-Aqsa Mosque Library in East Jerusalem. Dr. Matusiak has strong interest in international librarianship and serves as an officer of the IFLA Library Theory and Research Standing Committee. Together with Dr. Tammaro, she coordinated an IFLA research project on the roles and responsibilities of data curators.  Her research interests include digital library development and evaluation, digitization of cultural heritage materials, digital curation, visual information, and information seeking behavior. Her book, Digital Libraries: Research and Practice, co-authored with Dr. Iris Xie was published in 2016.  She enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling. Portfolio.

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